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          Maintenance Electrical Vocational Device
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          Product: Views:395Maintenance Electrical Vocational Device 
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          Last updated: 2019-01-31 23:21

          Maintenance Electrician Trainer

          Training content

          1. Lighting circuit installation

          2. Fluorescent lamp circuit installation

          3. Installation of single-phase watt-hour meter

          4. Installation of sound-light control street lamp circuit

          5. Touch the delay lamp circuit installation

          6. Double controlled stair lamp circuit installation

          7. Automatic switching of standby power supply connection for over current in the power grid

          8. The contactor is connected with the circuit of continuous rotation

          9. Forward and reverse control circuit connection of button interlock

          10, contactor interlock motor positive and reverse circuit connection

          11. Double interlock and reverse control of contactor and button

          12. The stator winding series resistance of the motor starts the control circuit

          13, button switch Y/ delta start control circuit connection

          14, time relay switching Y/ delta start control circuit connection

          15. Motor half-wave rectifier energy consumption brake control circuit connection

          16, motor full wave rectifier energy consumption brake control circuit connection

          17, motor reverse connection brake control circuit connection

          18. Motor round trip control circuit connection training

          19. Motor starts control circuit connection in sequence

          20, motor timing rotation operation control circuit connection training

          21. Connection of control circuit of two-speed motor with button switch

          22. Practical training on connection of control circuit of two-speed motor switched by time relay

          23, general lathe control circuit connection

          CA6140 lathe electrical control circuit

          25. Electric control of electric hoist

          26. Starting experiment of dc motor

          27. Speed regulation experiment of dc motor

          28. Braking experiment of dc motor